Lucky Finds

Hey all, so I experienced my first real garage sale experience. My wonderful future sister-in-law asked me to go to her neighborhood (mine you there are 3 neighborhoods that make up the mega community) to the community wide garage sale. I will tell you that I was nervous, I always feel like I am judging their stuff and being a snob if I walk off without buying anything. (if anyone know me, I love to thrift, so this is odd) So I wanted to get over my fear and start getting goods deals!

The day started out at 6:45 (when I made my hubby get up with me, don’t worry he got his revenge later) I met my sister-in-law at her house at 7:30 ready to go, we made some iced coffee and we were on our way.

Our first stop was just to warm up… but I found a little jem…. I saw a coach purse and of course I had to inspect it. When I walked over to pick it up, the lady said, yes it’s real.. that is all I needed to get a new vintage coach purse… so $10 down! I could of stopped right there because I was so proud of my find!

We had a few more stops and realized the crowds were starting to pick up. We then stopped at the best garage sale ever. I walked up and saw a rack of clothes (I was not looking for clothes, but thought I would just look) I found a Michael Kors dress (designer at a garage sale?) so of course I kept looking. I found this amazing jcrew zebra sweater for just $2.

Then I stumbled upon this little dress, I looked at the label and almost fell over, Lily Pulitzer ( I love here stuff but can’t afford even to buy the label)

I just feel in love with this white dress and it only was $10 🙂 I looked up the pricing online later that day and realized her dresses go for over $250.

Then I found this great blue sweater.

The picture does not do it justice, it’s also a Lilly, at this point I could stop and never go garage sailing again because I found the most amazing finds at one stop! But oh wait, I paid my $22 and was ready to head on to some other finds, but then I saw these.

Cole Hann, my size… yes please! (the new coach is in the background) So $5 more for designer shoes, well of course.

I did find one project for my sweet husband, when we moved we knew that all our ceiling fans needed an update, but we have not found any good deals yet. Later in the day, I found this amazing ceiling fan for $25.

I will take it, never been opened, still in the box!

After just 4 hours of garage sailing we were ready to go home and take a nap, after a really funny (maybe you will all hear the story later) experience at McDonald’s to get a double cheeseburgers… I need a nap. Well since I was nice enough to get my hubby up with me in the morning, he was nice enough to let me take a really short nap 🙂 Love you!



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