So, our 2 next major projects are going to be kitchen and master bathroom! (yeah we go big) Right now we are working on collecting materials and getting inspiration, what do you think?

Here is an inspiration for our kitchen.

The more I look, the more I fall in love with white apron sinks, they are simple and amazing. I am realizing a baking pan is very hard to fit in a standard sink and would love a large apron sink.

We want to use our existing cabinets in the kitchen but spice them up. We realized we would rather not spend $10k on cabinets when we can paint/update our existing cabinets. We are going to use bead board to change the faces of the cabinets.

And Matt’s most exciting project is… concrete countertops. We are addicted to the DIY network, it gives us so many ideas. We want to try to make our own countertops for the kitchen, updates in the future.

And here are the ideas for our master bathroom.

We have an all white bathroom right now, white tile/white grout. I think everyday I realize how much I dislike our bathroom, it never looks clean. When we re-do our bathroom, the only white I will want to see is the sinks!

We found so awesome stacked stone on clearance at a local flooring store, we have stocked up on some to build the outside of our shower up. I will post a picture of our bathroom soon, so this makes sense.

We have already found all the tile for the shower walls and floor. It was such an amazing deal!

I am looking for a piece of furniture to use as the vanity, I don’t want to use a typical bathroom vanity, I want to use something different. This is similar to what I want to use but with a flat countertop and white vessel sinks.

So here is a bit of ideas we have for the future… keep checking back for updates!


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