A weekend full of fun

We found out that we can’t sit still… shocking I know. This weekend we had some plans for friends but still managed to get some projects done on the house. We even sat down for an hour on Sunday before Matt got to stir crazy and had to start a project, oh well I love it.

Here is our new tray on the coffee table, I wanted everything contained on the table just in case we needed to clean if off quickly for an awesome game night?? I found the tray and vase at Ross. I love our tile coasters, they work out great. One of my next projects will be to paint the coffee table.

The fruit bowl, we always have fruit in the house, helps Matt not eat sweets (love you hubby). We have been putting the fruit in a glass bowl but when I found this at Hobby Lobby 80% off, I could not pass it up. I only buy on clearance 🙂

I changed out the pillow on the couch for a “spring” look since it was in the 60’s. I made these pillows for our upstairs couch in the loft area but wanted to spice things up. I went shopping with my friend Ashley this weekend, we were doing home shopping. She is a fabulous interior designer so I love getting her opinion.

It’s not an awesome picture, but this is our new addition to the family room. We have been looking for additional seating in the family room for a few months and decided that a bench was the best way to go. We only had 38 inches to fill up without making the room feel too cluttered, so when I found this beauty and it was exactly 38 inches I knew I was in love.

Here is a close up! We hosted a game night Saturday and boy did it come in handy, we had two additional seats, as long as you don’t mind cuddling up on it. I did have to change out my awesome pillows because they clashed with the new addition.

Spring is right around the corner… so I updated the mantel, I found this great garland around Christmas and have been waiting to put it up. I love the bright yellow… it just makes you smile, right? I am sure you can’t read it but my favorite saying is on the mantel (thanks Mom for the awesome Christmas gift) LIVE LAUGH LOVE

You may be thinking.. is that all they do, but no! We had dinner with Matt’s brother and fiancee, had a game night and celebrated our niece’s 8th birthday.


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