Dressing up the windows

We just got windows and now it’s time to put up all the curtains I have gotten in the past few months! I know the windows help our house with efficiency but I want them to look pretty too!

Our bedroom! We used to think that our outside was just “dirty” but we just found out it was because our windows were so bad. It’s so nice to be able to see clearly out into our back yard. I found these curtains at JCPenny’s on New Years day when I got all the women out of doing dishes, I am such a smart girl!

Wow… it’s just a window, but it’s so much more. The only window in our master bath had a great view into our neighbors house, well you can also see everything in our bathroom, so we had a solution. We put a window film on the bottom half of the window. We are still able to have the natural light in our bathroom but we are not giving a free show to our neighbors.

Here is my first attempt to make curtains. I wanted to start with the laundry room just in case it turned out horrible. Well I have to admit I am proud of my work, I know curtains are not typical in a laundry room but it makes me happy to go do laundry now (well that may be a lie but still) I think it matches the granny apple green wall color very well.

Welcome to our 80’s kitchen…. well we do have nice new valances above the sink, I think it really ties the kitchen together.

The kitchen table and our bay area. I just noticed that we have two different chairs, opps I have stolen our kitchen chair for a crafting chair. I have added a few touches to the table, I just finished the “center” piece on the table.

This project was almost free… I already owned the cake stand (I have few from the wedding) I put some decorative rocks as a base and candles from all over the house. I love the different heights and colors.

I promise to be better about taking pictures of all our projects…. I have to take more pictures to be able to convince Matt that a “good” camera is needed.


3 thoughts on “Dressing up the windows

    • Thanks Steph! I am so happy we have something on the windows now! One room at a time, we have some on order for the siliding glass door 🙂

      I love cake stands, I use them for everything 🙂

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