New Windows and HVAC Return

This past weekend Kelly and I were able to schedule for Window World to come out and replace 18 of our 21 rectangular windows. I took the day off so that I could 1. be there while the install was being completed and 2. work with Winston on installing a 12 – 10 – 10 Y for a new Return for our HVAC system. A return for an HVAC system is how it ‘breath’s’ air in and the duct work where the heated / cooled air comes out is its exhaust. Kelly and I had three returns in the house: one in the front hall, one in our bed room and on upstairs across from the office. After having our HVAC system looked at and consulting with Winston as to how we could get the most bang for our buck we decided to install another return in the tallest peak of our living space. Here are a few pictures and descriptions of the windows and the new HVAC return system.

Window World called me about 7:45 to let me know that they where on their way. I took a few snap shots of the old windows so that we could have a nice before and after look.



Along with installing the new windows came the task of removing ALL previous window treatments including blinds, curtains, curtain rods, and moving any and all furniture at least 3 feet away from the windows to be worked on. This was another 4 hours or so added to the process. Luckily Kelly’s dad, Ronnie K, was there Saturday night to help me install three sets of blinds and a new curtain rod w/ curtains:

So now back to the HVAC work. Winston and I got started on this ‘little’ project around 9AM Saturday morning. The concept was a pretty simple one. We were splitting a single 12 inch pipe into two 10 inch pipes to provide a return to the highest, and hottest, area of the house.  By doing this we could help the HVAC system ‘breath’ in the warmest air which it could then ‘breath’ out back into the lower parts of the house. Our idea was that since the HVAC system heats the air in the middle of the breathing in and out process then it wouldn’t have to work as hard to re-heat that same air. It’s science. Here are some photo’s of our progress…


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