Water Heater Woes

Winston and I have been talking about replacing our 24, yes that’s 2-4 year old water heater. Our home inspector told us that it basically should have been replaced twice for as long as it’s been here! Well we picked last weekend (the blizzard of 2010) to knock it out. Here are a few pictures and some time frames to put it all into perspective!

This is the old water heater, it’s not too old then since it and Kelly are about the same age :).

After pulling the old water heater out Winston and his friend Crab-Claw started cutting and nailing down backerboard. This is the stuff you have to use when putting tile down on any surface other than a concrete. Pretty much any room in our house.

All this work took place between noon and 5PM Friday 2/12. The next morning I got up early (6:30) in order to paint this small utility closet since painting it after the new water heater was installed seemed like a lot more more work. Here’s a pair of before and after shots:

Winston and I got started on the more technical stuff at 9AM the next morning, and after a trip to BK for lunch, the Depot for a few more supplies and a lot of re-adjusting to the exhaust flue we finally had the new water heater installed by 3PM!

It really did take a lot longer b/c of the tile but I think it was totally worth it since I had left over backerboard and we got the tile from Home Depot for under $6.


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