Oh the joys…

Well, I am very proud that I have kept this Christmas cactus this long. My mother informs me all the time, I am the only person ever to kill a bamboo plant (yes, I have turned it yellow) I know, she keeps trying to get me to have plants but I kill them all. So I was out of the office on Monday (story soon) and I walked into to find this….

I almost fell over, really I did that. So I am very proud of my first success in 25 years with plants. I am not means am I going to have plants all over my house, but we may do a garden this year.

So I was out of work Monday with a migraine. Yes, they are horrible. I was at a friends house Saturday and they have a few cats… well I broke out in hives and my throat started to get tight….. so I have learned a lesson when they tell you that you are allergic to cats maybe you should not question the doctors authority! So this has given me a headache since Saturday 😦

Matt and I joined a gym on Dec 30th (we did not want to be one of those New Years people) We have been looking for a gym for sometime after moving but had a few other things going on (getting married, holidays) So we are back to 5am workouts. This is what we look like at 5!

Kidding! haha, but we are enjoying getting back to the gym. I have a favorite water bottle, camelback. Have you ever used one? I have two 🙂 I have one at work that helps me get my water in during the day and one at home for the gym. If you know me at all you may be thinking “kelly drinks water” I know I have turned a new leaf and found out just drinking Coke is not that healthy for you… but I still like my one diet coke a day! 🙂


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