Pine Trees and a Pine Pantry


We hired Parker’s Tree Service in Acworth to remove 5 of our biggest Pine trees near the house. We needed to have them removed for 2 main reasons (1) the moisture around our house was never drying out b/c the trees provided too much shade on the west side of our house, and (2) is because our gutters were constantly becoming clogged from all the pine needles that were dropping. Here’s a shot of the yard minus the 5 trees.

The pantry has been a work in progress for some time. The doors are done but won’t be attached until later this weekend. More pictures to come!

Here’s the finished pantry with doors! I still need to do some sanding and it’ll need at least two coats of paint but it’s definitely useable. Kelly started moving things in right away and the shot below gives you an idea of what it looks like with all sorts of goodies in it. 

I used the leftover 1×4’s and some beadboard for an idea that our friend Ashley Gentile gave us. I added the beadboard under the coat hooks on one of the outside kitchen walls. Here’s what it looks like, just keep in mind it’ll need sanding and two coats of paint just like the pantry.


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