Residential Upgrades Part 2

With the fireplace being taken over, literally, with the new TV, Kelly had a great idea of filling the fireplace with decorative brick pavers, retaining wall bricks and candles. I think it turned out pretty awesome! We gave it a test run

Friday 11/20 (my birthday) when we had some friends over for snacks and drinks. Everyone seemed to really like it. It just adds another homey touch to our work-in-progress home.






Another project that we’re in the middle of is having our hall bathroom completely re-done. We’ve contracted out my good friend Winston to do most of the dirty work, but I try to be an extra set of hands whenever I can. Here’s a few pictures and blurbs about where we’re at including a few bumps along the way.

Here you can see we’ve gutted the bathroom of the mirror, vanity, toilet, and over half of the hardwood flooring. If you look close you can see the drain pipe sticking out of the wall on the left-hand side. This will have to be moved (thanks to Winston’s plumbing skills) to where the copper hot and cold water pipes are.





This shot shows the location of where the drain for the toilet used to be. You can also see some mold here on the right hand side which prompted us to replace the baseboard. Then we noticed that the previous owners painted over the wallpaper which prompted us to replace all the sheet rock as well.




Here you can see the sheet rock has been pulled out and the drain pipe for the sink has been moved to the same wall as the copper pipes for hot and cold water.





Winston’s got all the sheet rock up now and has begun to mud over the seams. You can see how much better it looks now that the new sheet rock is up and all the pipes for the sink are on the same wall.





This shot show’s that the toilet has been moved from the front right-hand corner to the back-right hand corner. We wanted this done in order to open up the front half of the bathroom to make it feel bigger. Winston and I cut and laid tile last week and he was able to grout the tile this week. We’re shooting for 100% completion now within the next 48 hours!




More pictures to come, especially the before and after shots!


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