Residential Upgrades Part 1

Many of you know that Kelly was very fortunate in qualifying as a first time home buyer when she purchased our home a little over three months ago. We have dedicated most of those funds to home improvement projects that not only would increase the curb appeal to the house but also cut down on a few of our bills because of their energy and resource saving qualities. We’re a little sad because it’s not a lot of fun to say “Hey! Come see our awesome new windows!” or “Look at how much water we save with our new toilets!”

So we decided that we would splurge, just a little, on something that not only we could enjoy but something that friends and family could enjoy with us as well. The pictures below say a lot but I’ll add a little commentary to them as well.

Above Fireplace - Before

Before shot of the fireplace..

Another shot after Winston had measured to find the center of the fireplace and cut two holes which served two purposes. (1) These holes would be used to run the power and video / audio cables behind the chimney wall and (2) they would be used to mark the studs in the wall to hang the TV mount on…


We had a lot of prep work in between cutting these holes and hanging the TV, but almost 7 hours later…


What we love about the set up is that there are no visible wires from the TV or the surround sound b/c they’re all hidden in the wall of the fireplace. We’ve got a bit more work and organizing to do but so far, so GREAT!


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