Ohio… part 2

So our weekend just got better. I have a slight obsession with my favorite ice cream place. It’s called honey hut and you can only get it in Cleveland. So when I am there, I have to get it as many times as possible. I convinced my g-ma that it was a great morning snack at 11:00. Here is the smaller cone that I got.


and of course Matt got someDSC01834


We had to go to one of our favorite spots in Medina… Dan’s Dogs! I can’t tell you how many times the Kasych family has been there on a Friday night before football games!


A few pictures at the square are also a important stop



Off to our second reception at MCC. We had an awesome church family in Medina (that I miss) that helped make everything perfect!



Our quick picture before 100 people walked in and Matt only knew about 10 of them! 🙂


Some of the most amazing friends ever!

Thank you all for being there for us during this time! We love you all so much!


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